The Mayor - Councillor Paul Burgess

It is a great honour for both myself and my wife Nicky to be the Mayor and Mayoress of Teignmouth. We are very much looking forward to this year and we will work hard to represent Teignmouth,

I aim to have a clear theme for my Mayoral year which I very much hope will create a lasting legacy after my 12 months as Mayor and will develop a platform for others to build upon. The theme will be “Helping others within your Community” and the challenge I am setting everyone in Teignmouth is to “donate 1 hour of their time”.

It is a tradition that during the Mayoral year the Mayor raises funds to help local Charites and keeping up with traditions I will also look to raise money for The Mayor's Charity Fund, The Helen Foundation and Alice Cross Centre.

Cllr Burgess read a statement on 16th January 2018 in response to a press article click here to read the statement

Cllr Burgess read a further statement on 13th February 2018 click here to read the statement 

Town Councillors made a statement in response to the Mayor's statement on 13th February 2018 click here to read the statement 

Inviting the Mayor to attend your event

The Mayor attends a range of events throughout their Mayoral term and if you would like to invite the Mayor to an event please complete the request form and return it to the Mayor’s PA, Miss Anna Winston.

The Mayor’s PA will inform you whether the Mayor is able to attend or not. If the Mayor has a prior engagement the Deputy Mayor will be invited to attend as representative if you so wish.

You are welcome to phone the office and make an initial enquiry to check the Mayor’s and Deputy Mayor’s availability.

Contact the Mayor

Write to:
Mayor's PA, Teignmouth Town Council, Bitton House, Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth, TQ14 9DF

Cllr Burgess and his wife Nicky Burgess

Recent Engagements

Visiting the National Coastwatch Institute in Teignmouth 



Teignmouth Armed Forces Day 2017