The 4th edition of the Town Council's Newsletter Wavelength will be available soon..

Numbers of paper copies will be located at hubs around the town, e.g. TAAG, the Pavilions, the Library, the Meadow Centre, Richard Newton Hall, and this time we're trying out the pubs, restaurants, community noticeboards in supermarkets, etc. to see if that increases availability to more people. Please tell your friends and please let us have any other ideas for hubs. We're developing an extensive email distribution list to groups and organisations.

Welcome to Teignmouth Town Council's Regular Newsletter

In May 2021 the Council produced its very first edition of what we hope will become a regular newsletter called Wavelength. The Council is trying to improve its engagement with the people of Teignmouth and felt it was time to produce regular information on what’s happening in the town, what’s happening within the Council, forthcoming events, important information and clarification on current issues, etc. The first edition was delivered door-to-door, as well as being made available online, as a means to launch the newsletter itself, but also to launch the Consultation Period for the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan (which is now closed).

If you have something you think should be included then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via:

the Enquiries Form on the website which you’ll find in the Contact Us tab or
email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Currently Councillor Atkins is heading up this project and would also be happy to talk to anyone about it – contact details on the Councillors page.

December 2021 Newsletter

September / October 2021 Newsletter

May 2021 Newsletter