Accounts and Grants


The Town Council's accounting year runs from 1st April - 31st March. Finance documents on this page include the Council’s budget for 2019-2020.

Approved Budget and Precept 2019-2020



The Council awards grants to local charities and community groups to support the purchase of equipment and running an event.


Grants Policy

The Council is committed to providing assistance and support to local organisations in Teignmouth. To apply for a grant you must be a charity, community group or local voluntary organisation with a constitution and dedicated bank account, operating or providing a service to the residents of Teignmouth Parish. To apply for a Grant of up to £5,000 click here


Events Support

Organisations may apply for funding assistance for specific items that they require for their event. The Council is not in a position to be able to provide grant funding for general running costs. To apply for an Events Support Grant click here


Councillor's Fund Application

Each Ward Councillor has £500 per municipal year which can be used to improve your community and enhance the quality of life for residents of Teignmouth. Applications can be received from not-for-profit groups and organisations, not individuals click here

Annual Audit

Teignmouth Town Council's accounting year runs from the 1st April – 31st March.

Click here to view the Annual Return for the year ended 31st March 2019

The annual return is a six page document that must be presented to the Full Town Council for formal approval before being submitted to the External Auditor on or before the 30th June.

The Independent Auditor is also required to sign the Annual Return.

The Annual Return is sent to the External Auditor with a variety of supporting documents as well as any other supplementary documentation as requested by the External Auditor during the auditing period.

Upon receipt, the External Auditor examines the annual return and all of the supporting documentation and upon completion will ‘sign’ the document (page 4 of 6). The annual return document is then returned with a written report, the actions of which highlighted are to be addressed by the Town Council.

The Town Council has a duty to display the fully completed Annual Return with the accompanying Notice of Conclusion of Audit.

The electorate have the right to exercise their rights to;


  • View the unaudited accounts – a 30 day period which must include the first 10 days in July. This is known as the ‘Exercise of Public Rights’. Notices to be published and displayed for the 30 day period on the Town Councils website and noticeboards.
  • For a 14 day period upon the date of the ‘Notice of Conclusion’ make a request to take copies of the accounting statements, the external auditor’s opinion and certificate of completion, any recommendation made relating to the authority.


Notices and the return to be published and displayed for the 14 day period on the Town Council's website and noticeboards.