Clean Streets Enforcement Campaign

Town Councillors agreed by majority to engage an enforcement company 3GS for a three month trial period at the Full Council meeting on 21 July 2020.

The 3GS Enforcement Officers will patrol Teignmouth to cut down on environmental crime and increase environmental awareness. If you are caught committing an environmental crime such as littering, you will be given a fixed penalty notice charge (fine) of £75. If you do not pay the fine it will be transferred to a court prosecution process.


What happens if you are stopped?

If an enforcement officer sees you commit an environmental crime they will ask for your name and address so that they can issue you with a fixed penalty notice (fine). If you refuse to give your details, the officer will be able to use the information they have recorded on their body cameras. This information is often enough to identify someone. If you refused to give your details, you may be taken to court and given a much larger fine.


How you can recognise the enforcement officers

The enforcement officers wear clothing with the 3GS logo on and carry warrant cards to identify themselves.


Payment options


Telephone payment by card on 01256 898913

Postal payment - send the notice along with a cheque or postal order to 3GS (UK) Limited, Payment Centre, PO Box 764, Barnsley, S70 9NZ

We are unable to process payment at the town council office.