Composition of Committees and Attending Meetings

You are welcome to attend meetings at Bitton House, Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth, TQ14 9DF and it is suggested that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. You may speak on an agenda item or another matter at the appropriate time on the agenda.

Public Participation Policy 

Calendar of Meetings 2020-2021

Composition of Committees

Meetings and Composition of Committees

Full Council

The Full Council Committee receives recommendations and decides whether they are adopted as policy. The committee comprises all members of the Council and the Town Mayor is the Chairman. Meetings are held every six weeks on Tuesday and commence at 6.30pm. Click on heading to visit page.

Planning Committee

The Planning Committee discuss planning applications and are responsible for giving feedback to Teignbridge District Council. Meetings are held every three weeks on Wednesday and commence at 5.30pm. Click on heading to visit page.

Finance and General Purposes

The Finance and General Purposes Committee (F & GP) is the main working committee of the Council and comprises all members of the Council. Meetings are held fortnightly on Tuesday and commence at 6.30pm. Click on heading to visit page.

Annual Council and Parish Council

The Annual Council meeting is held in May and the meeting commences at 6.30pm. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the new municipal year are elected. Click on heading to visit page.

Other Committees and Groups

Assets and Facilities Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee discusses areas including CCTV, public conveniences and Bitton House and park.

Teignmouth in Bloom Committee

The annual Teignmouth in Bloom competition attracts many entrants and the efforts of participants are enjoyed by the public. Everyone who enters the competition is invited to the presentation evening held at Bitton House which includes a film show of the gardens by Viv Wilson MBE.


Events Working Party

Members share knowledge and resources to enhance events held in the town. The Councillors on this group discuss event grant applications and advise the full committee of its recommendations.

Grants Sub-Committee

The Sub-Committee consider grant applications and make recommendations to the Finance and General Purposes Committee.


Teignmouth Remembrance Committee

The Committee works on behalf of the Council to organise the Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service and Armistice Day commemoration.

Town Centre Management Partnership

The Partnership focuses on the town centre and members include representatives of Devon County Council, Teignbridge District Council plus business and other key organisations. The group strive to work together for the good of the town and to improve the public realm appearance. Visit Town Centre Management Partnership webpage


Car Parking Working Party

The group discusses car parking and aims to resolve issues.