Coronavirus Support

Teignmouth Town Council Covid – 19

Teignmouth Helps leaflet - click here for Contacts and Web links including details of businesses offering deliveries

Safe Voluntary Action Guidance provided by Teignbridge CVS - click here for information 

These are unprecedented times we find ourselves in with so much uncertainty for everyone. Our aim is to continue business as usual plus be on hand to offer support and help where we can do so to the people of Teignmouth. Information being received is changing rapidly so please bear with us as we digest, review and implement whatever is needed when needed.

Although closed to the public, Teignmouth Town Council offices remain fully operational albeit at some point in time staff may all be working from home and if this happens, systems have been put in place to maintain business continuity.

Meetings of the Council have been temporarily suspended. The Government is aiming to legislate for Councils to hold 'virtual meetings' which means the use of Skype or any other virtual meeting system so that Council meetings can resume.

The website and Facebook noticeboard page will be regularly updated. Find us on Facebook – teignmouthtowncouncilnoticeboard.

Your local Councillors are committed to be on hand to help in these difficult times so please do contact them. Councillor contact details can be found at;

Teignmouth Town Council has a Civil Emergency Team in place whose role will be there to assist in the providing of a co-ordinated response and offering what help can be offered in support of groups and organisations, other local authorities and agencies where needed. The team meeting as often as needed.

Finally, if you do or know of anybody who does need help of any kind, please do telephone or e-mail and we will be able to either tell you where you can get the help you need or put you in touch with an organisation or group who can.

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