Transfer of HMS Leander Bell to Town Council

Published: 07 December 2017

The H.M.S. Leander Ship’s Bell

On the decommissioning of our adopted ship, a Leander Class Frigate, the Town Council, on the initiative at that time of Cllr Peter Winterbottom, the Admiralty in Plymouth was contacted to have the Bell displayed at Bitton House to commemorate the number of times that the ship and her crew had visited as the Town's adopted ship.

The Bell mysteriously disappeared and it was some time before it was traced to a store room in Devonport. Fortunately Bryan Lambert our then Town Clerk was Ex R.N. and had contacts with the Admiral of the Fleet SW and a handover was arranged. Unfortunately, there were delays and changes of personnel during the period following the local government changes. In the circumstances the Admiralty handed the Bell over to the Chairman of Teignbridge District Council.

Despite efforts by the Town Council to reclaim the Bell it was kept in Old Forde House where it remained until 6th December 2017 when it was transferred to the Town Council by Deed of Gift.

Photo left to right: Cllr Tim Golder - Chairman of Teignbridge District Council, Cllr Sylvia Russell, David Tickell - former Town Clerk, Cllr Paul Burgess - Teignmouth Town Mayor