Teignmouth-Holcombe Cycle Route Options

Published: 26 November 2020

View of Teignmouth seafront 

Plans for walking and cycling routes were included in the Rail Resilience Consultation of 2019. In response to public opinion Network Rail have returned to the drawing board and are now asking Devon County Council and Teignmouth Town Council for their preferred routes for walkers and cyclists between Holcombe and Teignmouth.

Your ideas will help.
  • There could be a shared trail following the coast path via Sprey Point, or
  • The trail could enter Teignmouth by way of Cliff Road and Eastcliff Walk.

Network Rail say…. “While we are working to revise our plans in response to feedback received, one of the issues that needs to be resolved is the question around the best route for cyclists between Holcombe and Teignmouth. As you may know, the Teign Estuary Trail cycle route is a major strategic priority for Devon County Council and they have stated they would like to see the route follow the coast between Holcombe and Teignmouth making use of Network rail’s resilience scheme to provide the necessary infrastructure.

However the issue is complex and we are aware that there are many factors to consider including ease of use for various users; impact on the beach; maintainability; sustainability; visual impact etc.”

Rail Resilience from Parsons Tunnel to Teignmouth will be back for future consultation but if you are keen to have a say at this early stage let me have your ideas before 10 December when NR, DCC and TTC have a meeting.

Cllr. Richard Ash, Rowdens Ward,
Bitton House, Teignmouth TQ14 9DF
[email protected]
07955 360 747