ForTeign Fund Grants Scheme

Published: 22 June 2021

The “ForTeign Fund” Grants Scheme is an initiative from an anonymous philanthropist operated by Teignbridge CVS.

The grant scheme is targeted at providing smaller not-for-profit community groups in the Teignmouth area with a small grant that can improve their ability to deliver services to the community.

The scheme is for local groups (or local branches of national organisations) delivering in the Teignmouth area (defined as the TQ14 postcode). We will look especially favourably on applications from neighbourhoods with particular issues of deprivation and challenge and/or those which improve opportunities for young people.

We don’t want to exclude any not-for-profit group; however as a minimum you must have a bank account in the name of the group with two signatories (or have an agreement with another organisation that could hold the funds for you), a written constitution (which show your aims are not-for-profit) and a committee of at least three unrelated people. If you don’t meet these criteria we may be able to put you in touch with a partner group who can apply with you.

Quick and innovative
We believe relatively small sums of money, quickly targeted to an emerging opportunity or initiative can provide a big impact. It could be something as simple as an additional computer. We would look to pay grants quickly and help groups with the application form.

No match funding is required but if you can demonstrate any added value that increases the sustainability of the group that would be considered favourably.

Award amounts range from £150-£750. The grants will be awarded in four tranches per year.

Simple criteria
Applications must be received by the end of July, October, January or April.
Grants must be spent within 6 months of receipt and a project report will be expected after 6 months (please contact us if you need to extend this time period)

1. Projects must benefit people living in the Teignmouth, Bishopsteignton and Shaldon area (TQ14 postcode area).
2. Projects that are designed to promote a particular faith or political persuasion will not be funded. However, we may fund projects organised by such groups if the outcomes have a community benefit (For example, supporting community musical events that are to take place in a church and which are not designed to promote that faith)
3. Grant awards are made for the purposes listed on your completed application form. You cannot change these without the express permission of the Fund.
4. If you have received a grant in the past, please ensure we have received the relevant project report form before applying again.

If you have any questions about this process, please ask CVS for help.

ForTeign Fund Application Form