CrimeStoppers Rural Crime Campaign

Published: 16 August 2021

Throughout August CrimeStoppers are running a Rural Crime Campaign which seeks to increase the number of reports from the public to CrimeStoppers of criminal activities. 

Having the CrimeStoppers charity available to the public allows them to anonymously report environmental crime, without fear of reprisals.

So what do we mean by ‘waste crime’
• Large scale dumping of waste
• Illegal waste sites
• Illegal waste exports
• Misdescription of waste, to evade tax
• Illegal burning of waste


You can watch this short CrimeStoppers video entitled One Gang, many rural crimes which highlights that criminals operating in rural areas may be involved with a variety of offences such as drugs, violence and modern day slavery for example.

Who is involved in the campaign?
The campaign is supported by a number of partners including the Police, NFU, RSPCA, Countryside Alliance, CLA, Angling Trust, NWCU and FireStoppers.

How can you help with the campaign?

The CrimeStoppers charity use the branding of ‘Speak Up. Stay Safe’ and ‘100% anonymous. Always’ and it’s this message that we want to amplify to the public.

Visit CrimeStoppers for more information