Teignmouth in Bloom 2022

Jubilee Red, White, Blue with a Silver Lining – this was this year’s optional theme for the Teignmouth in Bloom annual competition. The suggestion of Red, White and Blue was put forward by the Broadmeadow Allotments and ‘with a Silver Lining’ added as it is the Platinum Jubilee.

Cllr Sylvia Russell, co-ordinator of the competition, said ‘the Committee met and discussed the theme and thought this option gives a great deal of scope in terms of colour and also people can join in with the celebrations for ‘Her Majesty’. Judge Stewart Henchie added there are many grey leaved plants such as Cineraria, Helichrysum and Senecio.

There were a few changes to the categories and value of gift vouchers with greater prizes for the ‘Best Floral Display’ based on this year’s theme and ‘Best Commercial Premises’ categories. The Committee were keen to engage more traders to take part and Viv Wilson (MBE), with her beloved dog Abbie, visited local businesses to raise awareness of the competition.

Jubilee Theme Banner