Consultation Period Closed July/August 2022

The Regulation 14 pre-submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation ended on 19 August 2022.

Responses to this will be posted in due course.

Amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents will be published as soon as possible.

The final draft plan and documents accompanied by other legally required reports and documents will then be submitted to Teignbridge for examination.


For more information on the latest consultation, please visit the July/August 2022 Consultation page

So what’s the hold-up with the next neighbourhood plan consultation?

You may be wondering, if, originally, we were going out to the next round of consultations last October, why nothing has surfaced, yet? Well, those of you who follow us closely know that Teignbridge indicated that, in October, they wished to carry out both an HRA (Habitats Regulations Assessment) and SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) screening as well as obtain comments, internally, on the Plan as a whole from a variety of departments – e.g key officers in Housing, Leisure and Environment, as well as the wider Planning Service, etc. This was just as we were hoping to go out for the next consultation, having made adjustments, where appropriate, following the responses received and analysed (with great interest) on our first draft Plan and Design Code, etc. They’ve indicated recently that the length of time taken, since then, is more down to their own pressing deadlines with the Teignbridge Local Plan review causing a shortage of time available for other projects (like ours), rather than any major snags with the draft Neighbourhood Plan document. That’s really encouraging.

The latest report indicates that Teignbridge’s work is 2/3 complete and they should be back to us by…………… the end of February. Hooray!!

Obviously, we will have to work on the comments received from Teignbridge and their screening results before we can start the next consultation round, but this is really good news and helps us to start planning for something more concrete.

Sooooooooooo, watch this space, Council Minutes, Wavelength, etc, for updates on arrangements, venues, dates, times, etc, for the next series of consultation sessions.

Councillor Joan Atkins

Chair, and on behalf of, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group



Consultation Responses May/June 2021

You will remember that we went out to consultation on the first draft of Teignmouth’s Neighbourhood Plan in May/June 2021. The responses we received have been read with interest and analysed, and the Steering Group have agreed the responses, which are published here, for your information:

Town Council Responses to Comments made on the First Draft of the Teignmouth Neighbourhood Plan May/June 2021

For ease of reference the main documents are shown as links directly below:

First Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan that went out for consultation May/June 2021

Design Code draft that went out for consultation May/June 2021

Appendix 2a Addendum to the Draft Design Code

Wavelength Summary Leaflet on the Neighbourhood Plan consultation May/June 2021, delivered to all households

All respondents have been anonymised (by use of a number, for GDPR purposes) and individual comments have been grouped together with others about the section or parts of the plan to which they relate, where appropriate.

If you have any queries, please send them to the Neighbourhood Plan email address and they will be picked up from there. Please don’t resort to Social Media since those engaging in many discussions there are not always those who have the most accurate information or understanding of the whole picture.
You could alternatively phone the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Cllr Joan Atkins on 01626 770430 or 07549 326650, or the Town Clerk on 01626 775030.